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NCCAFV’s American Campaign for Prevention of Child Abuse and Family Violence


In 1992, NCCAFV launched its new primary prevention program across the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands: the American Campaign for Prevention of Child Abuse and Family Violence. 


The Honorary Campaign Chairperson is Larry Gatlin, an entertainer of many talents, a versatile star on Broadway, on television and in concerts and an individual of deep commitment to the cause of preventing family violence in all its forms - child abuse, spouse/partner abuse (domestic violence) and elder abuse.


Mr. Gatlin has been joined by other well known entertainers and actors, calling the public's attention to the need for family violence prevention through the American Campaign. They include Billy Ray Cyrus, Barbara Mandrell, the late Lou Rawls and the late Peter Falk. Each contributed print, radio and/or television public service messages and served on the American Prevention Campaign's National Council.


The American Prevention Campaign's series of four information booklets are widely distributed throughout the United States in schools, churches, civic groups and libraries. The booklets are in the public domain to encourage duplication and wider distribution and are also available on this website for retrieval and duplication.  The links are in the drop-down menu and titled: Child Abuse, Spouse/Partner Abuse, Elder Abuse.


A series of four International Award-winning American Prevention Campaign posters are distributed and displayed in schools, libraries, churches, shelters, agencies throughout the United States. The poster themes: Children Should Be Seen and Not Hurt and Stop Family Violence.

NCCAFV is committed to assisting victims of child abuse, spouse/partner abuse and elder abuse and to prevent family violence through public awareness, education and program development.

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